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Gordon, Murdoch and the Express is the third episode of Season 1 of             Thomas the Wooden Tank Engine and Friends: Wooden Railway Stories, and the third episode overall. It first aired on Youtube on the 6th September 2010.


Gordon is a big, blue engine, who pulls an important train known as the express. He is known for is speed, as well as his number 4 painted on his tender. Murdoch on the other hand, is a heavy goods engine, who takes important goods trains around Sodor. He has a nameplate instead of a number, and has an orange-y brown coat of paint. Murdoch has more strength than speed, while Gordon has more speed than strength.

One evening, Edward returns home to Tidmouth Sheds late. Edward tells his friends that he had to help Murdoch up Gordon's Hill, and how much of a nightmare is was. Gordon claims that is would be a nightmare having to help Murdoch, then Henry retaliates by reminding Gordon that he's had to have help up Gordon's Hill too. Gordon says he's barely been pushed up the hill, then Percy says that Gordon needed help several times in the previous week. Gordon then says that needing help with the express is different than needing help with a goods train. Soon, Murdoch arrives to thank Edward for his help, when he overhears the engines talking about him, and decides to wait and listen to what they say. He overhears Gordon saying that Murdoch is a waste of steam, and that he takes passengers while Murdoch only takes goods trains. Murdoch is upset, thinking that it's not his fault that he takes goods trains. With that, Murdoch leaves.

The next day, Murdoch is waiting for Salty to shunt his train. Once he's finished, Salty asks if anything is wrong, and Murdoch tells him and Arthur about what Gordon had said. Arthur tells Murdoch to take no notice, as Gordon talks about every engine in that way. Murdoch isn't so sure, but Salty says that Duck told him of the time when Gordon has spoken rudely about Edward, and he ended up in the middle of his express and Duck's train while Edward pushed then all over Gordon's Hill. Arthur says he remembers Edward telling him the same story. Murdoch agrees not to let Gordon's remarks worry him, and then prepares for his goods train.

Meanwhile, Gordon has to stop on the mainline. He finds out that it's because Murdoch is coming in the opposite direction. Gordon is cross, and says that it's a disgrace to be held up by a goods engine. Gordon is soon on his way again, but is sent down the wrong line. Instead of going to Knapford Station, he is sent to Gordon's Hill! As Gordon clibs the hill, he claims his passengers won't like being diverted onto a different line. Gordon's express is very heavy, and soon he stops halfway up the hill. Murdoch, who is still taking his goods train, soon sees Gordon, and declares that he will help Gordon, much to Gordon's disappointment. Murdoch is soon coupled to the back of the express, and he begins to push Gordon up the hill, and all the way to Knapford. Much to Gordon's dismay, they pass Tidmouth Sheds where all of the engines laugh at Gordon, and Thomas jokes that Gordon said he didn't need a back engine. Gordon claims he doesn't and that he can manage the rest of the journey himself.

When the two engines arrive at the docks, Murdoch is uncoupled. Arthur asks if the plan worked, and Murdoch replies that it did. From now on there are no more rude remarks about the reliability of goods engines, as they can always help out if an engine gets stuck on a hill.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • Percy
  • Emily
  • Murdoch
  • Arthur
  • Salty
  • James (Cameo)
  • Bert (Cameo)
  • Harold (Cameo)


  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Knapford Station
  • Gordon's Hill
  • Brendam Docks


  • A reference to the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends episode Edward the Very Useful Engine is made. 


  • Iron Bert can be seen laying on his side in one scene.
  • In the scene where Gordon goes down the wrong line, his rear carriage derails.
  • When Murdoch pushes Gordon over the hill, he and the rear carriage fall off the hill.
  • Arthur asks Murdoch if their plan worked, to which Murdoch says yes. It is never previously stated that a plan to switch Gordon to a different track was ever implemented.

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